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MTa’s engaging approach, experiential learning activities and training materials encourage learners to identify opportunities for personal development. Since 1982 organizations across the globe have been using MTa training activities and methodology to transform their training.

Celemi’s ready-made business simulations and custom solutions recreate corporate challenges and situations, so people have a chance to test skills and explore new concepts in a realistic, relaxed, hands-on environment.

With over 30 years of experience, an impressive client list and more than 5 million participants in 70 countries.

Profiles International is a company that provides talent management solutions that deliver consistent results to select the right candidates and develop them to their fullest potential.

The most awarded game-based learning platform in the world.
Innovative methods and serious games have already received several of the top accolades in the corporate training sector.

The world’s largest Arabic content for video based continuous learning

A new and innovative way of making learning an intuitive experience through best-in-class service that adds value to the training and a plus of engagement.
Transform learning into doing, through various types of interactions, engaging and motivating platform, based on an easy configuration of the journey.

Learning solutions provider that creates effective, engaging, paradigm-shifting and fun solutions that develops professionals.