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Development Projects 

Qodwaty initiative is designed to create a leader role model within government organizations and is capable to develop individuals and teams using different coaching techniques.

This initiative was designed to develop the supporting departments & the secretaries to provide their roles at the best effective level to the main departments & the active projects within the organization.

Tajrobaty is one of the latest initiatives that have positively affected the results of the service rating of UAE entities through the UAE Program for Government Services Excellence

This initiative has developed the Service Centers Teams and applied the global Star Rating System through a development Journey that ensured the provision of service excellence to customers. Based on mystery shopping reports.

srar is one of the initiatives that we are proud of within the UAE.

It aims to nurture talented people of determination within government entities, adopt their ideas, and develop their skills. Action plans have also been developed for implementation within their entities. It is in line with the direction of the UAE and our belief in their effective role and the talents within them.

It is a learning competition among 22 different UAE Government entities potential Leaders through an online game , Pacific. Gamification is one of the latest techniques for developing competencies and instant practical implementation Participants compete through the leadership points they acquire during leading their virtual team. Participating organizations has requested to implement this initiative internally

Dawamy is a virtual internship initiative in partnership with Canadian University Dubai for the development of their fresh graduates to make them ready to face the challenges of the new work environment.

The Smart Learning Initiative is one of the most important initiatives in the UAE that ensure smarter transformation within government institutions to deliver basic and leadership competencies in a smart learning way. We have designed a smart library of competencies using more than one learning method, including Video-Learning, which is to create a development path that contains assessments of leaders and staff. Reports shall be submitted during the development process, and final reports on each participant.

Lead Your Ship Initiative

This initiative is designed to be part of the succession plan for future leaders to be ready for getting a further step in their career path.

We designed a long-term learning journey by using different learning techniques and approaches include assessment, Business simulation, gamification, Assignments and final project